Morland Parish Council


Unfortunately, some of the village dog owners are not cleaning up after their dogs and are leaving faeces on paths, grass verges and play areas.


We have had two instances of small children slipping over and falling into or their lunch boxes landing in dog poo. This is not only horrendous and a danger to health as faeces carries disease but totally avoidable.


JUST CLEAN THE MESS UP - PLEASE. Thank you to those owners that do.


To prosecute people that do not pick up all we need is:

To know your name and address

To have statement saying you have been witnessed not pick up after your dog and a bill for £75 will be on the way to you.


It is not in the spirit of a strong community to have to go to these extremes however asking nicely does not work, so there is little choice dealing with this matter.



Welcome to Morland Parish Council


The council was constituted in 1894, and minutes of these first meetings are held in bound hand written books, with details of the issues that were important to the parishioners. Today the council operates in much the same way, taking care of the parish and working with community on different projects and issues.


There are seven elected councillors and one clerk, the councillors and the clerk usually meet every two months, however additional meetings can be held as and when needed. The items at the meeting are those tasks which the Parish Council has local responsbility for,which include highways, footpath and bridleways, plannning application and development and changes within the Parish.


Each meeting is an open meeting and all members of the Parish are encouraged to attend and the minutes are available to read here.


Please come along to a meeting to find out more or contact us if you have a specific issue that you would like to be heard at a meeting.


Thank you